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"Past Imperfect, Present Progressive" is a smogasbord of autobiographical reminiscences by a vocal member of the Silent Generation. Kerry Wood traces his childhood during the late Depression and World War II to adulthood and seniority in stories and poems born of experiences as a four-year-old consigned to a military boarding school, an awkward adolescent, an undergraduate at Yale, and a career high-school teacher. This richly blended potpourri reveals a creative educator's sixty-odd year love affair with the English language, devotion to wife and family, and fascination with the rich world of games, sport, travel and the arts.

Enjoy its moments of melancholy punctuating a lifetime of exuberant playfulness, finding fun in such unlikely places as Shakespearean tragedy, English grammar, prosody, Scrabble, spelling bees, and service in the lowest ranks of the U.S. Army.


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